Francisco Fernández
del Castillo Gómez

Musician and Programmer


Testing the Bank of Canada Valet API

A simple test of the Bank of Canada Valet API built with vanilla Javascript.


A member and course registration system built with PHP using the Laravel framework. For the demo use email:, password: password

ChordPro Parser - WordPress Plugin

Easily add lyrics and chords to your songs with the use of shortcodes. Transpose your chord names and diagrams with a push of button.

The Absolute Pitch Trainer

Online ear training application based on JAbsolute. Developed using vanilla JavaScript and the Web Audio API.


Ear training desktop application written in Java. The Java Sound API was used for MIDI and sound production.

Easy Metronome

Easy to use metronome for Android mobile devices. Written in Java, C and PureData.

Tested on Android 4.4 KitKat

Tuner Helper

A piano tuning tool for Android devices. Written in Java, C and PureData.

Tested on Android 4.4 KitKat


La Forêt de Garmilla

E-Commerce website built with WordPress, WooCommerce and the Divi Page Builder.


Turntable review website built with WordPress and Dynamik Website Builder. With the use of SEO techniques this site generates about 10,000 visitors a month.


Gluten Free Vegetarian recipes and health information. Website built with WordPress and Dynamik Website Builder. .

Ediciones Alux

Showcasing children books. Website built with the Silverstripe framework and PHP.

My Music

Ciclón and Una vuelta a la plaza were commissioned by Manuel Hernandez Haces for his photography presentation Una vuelta a la plaza.

Ciclón 1933

by Francisco Fernandez

Ciclón illustrates with music and sound effects what could have been the Hurricane that hit Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico in 1933. Most effects were produced with a computer using PureData.

Una vuelta a la plaza

by Francisco Fernandez

It was a tradition in some mexican towns to walk around the kiosk at the plaza to find your soulmate.

Download score

Tango mi buen

by Francisco Fernandez

A mexican tango, a tribute to friendship. This piece was dedicated to my best friend Julio López Valencia, may he rest in peace.

Download score

Tierra nueva

by Francisco Fernandez

A combination of different music genres, including latin american rhythms, jazz and classical music. It's all about exploring new musical grounds, hence the title. Originally composed for classical guitar, saxophone, quena and bass. Unfortunately the original recording was damaged, the ending is cut.

I later wrote a version for violin and guitar

Download score


by Eduardo Warnholtz

Lalo was my first music teacher. His teachings and friendship had a great impact in my life, so much that I became a musician.


by Francisco Fernandez

Diana Marie Tayler, Harp
Francisco Fernandez, Guitar

I had the privilege of meeting the nicest lady in Ottawa. Apart from being a wonderful harpist, Diana has a huge heart. I originally wrote this piece for Diana's first guitar lessons, it then became part of our repertoire.

Download solo guitar score

The Sparrow and the maiden

by Diana Marie Tayler

Diana Marie Tayler, Harp
Francisco Fernandez, Andean Flute

A beautiful piece of music based on the song produced by the White-throated Sparrow